Upcoming Classes:

Full Time Day 5.5 weeks Class 9:00am -3:00pm

January 11, 2022 - February 16, 2022

Microblading Licensure

Full Time Day 5.5 weeks Class 9:00am - 3:00pm

March 1, 2022 - April 6th, 2022 



Hyper Real Microblading

& Powder Shading Nano brows

100 Course Hour Virginia Licensure Course

Emphasis on Hyper Natural Microblading, Powder Shading & Nano Brows.

Upon completion students will be qualified to sit for VA state board examination, and become PMU Licensed. 


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Virginia Beach eyelash extensions traini

8 Hours fundamentals course, with a a shadow full set day. 

Students must either be licensed or enrolled in an Esthetics or Cosmotology training. 


Enhance natural eyelashes with this amazing service. Students must be licensed as an Esthetician or Cosmotologist. Or enrolled in a state approved school. 

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Learn the art of shaping, tweezing, trimming a natural eyebrow for every face, or your own. No license required.

love what you do!


Rickina Velte owner of The Lash CEO has become the local leader in the most natural and beautiful looking Mircroblading eyebrows, and gorgeous 'wake up in makeup' eyelash extensions since 2014. Now she has created a state
licensed beauty academy focusing on eyebrows and eyelashes.

Our mission in launching our academy is to more than adequately prepare our students for the amazing, rewarding yet challenging career in the lash and brow industry. Our academy focuses on solid fundamentals so you are prepared for state licensure, while giving you the complete picture to start your own business or become a valued team member in future endeavors. 

We believe a strong, financially rewarding career doesn't have to include a traditional
2 or 4 year degree. The lash and brow niche is one of the fastest growing fields in the beauty
industry, creating satisfaction and above average income, for those who strive for success.
Our passion is to enrich the community with upcoming fresh
talent that can thrive and become a success story for themselves and others, without going into enormous debt,
or without years and years of schooling. 

We offer payment plans, job opportunities upon licensure* and the most inclusive high end student experience in Hampton Roads.
From paying for your state board exam, to an enviable student kit valued at $900 featuring
the industry's best products and supplies, and an academy shirt for your student uniform. 

We can't wait to meet you and open up a world of success for your future!

When you're ready START HERE, or Contact Us if you have any questions we can answer!

what clients say

Eyebrow Microblading Course,  Suite 111

My friend recommended Lash CEO and her lashes always look flawless. I’m
Having my first experience today and am beyond thrilled. The communication and reservation process has been seamless, any questions are answered promptly!

Joi Dhouston

*High end student experience and facility

* Passionate highly rated industry leading instructors

* Unique real world curriculum

*$900 valued Student Kit

*Ongoing support and job opportunities*after graduation

* Financial Assistance

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