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Brow & Lash Classes:

200 hour Brow Licensure Full LIve Class

Full In Person Class 200 hours Theory & Practical

Class Meets Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays

9:00am - 3:00pm

Total of 11.5 weeks live in class

200 hour Brow Licensure Hybrid Class

HYBRID - 100 hours Self-paced, 100 hours Live Practical 

Hybrid Class Meets Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays

9:00am - 3:00pm

Total of 5.5 weeks live in class

Eyelash Extension Class
Upon Demand



Student Testimonials 

Creating Confidence...One Lash & Brow at a Time


Hyper Real 

Brow Licensure Course

200 hour Live In Class Course 


100 Hour self-paced theory /100 Hour Live in class practical

Brow Licensure Course

Emphasis on Hyper Real

Permanent Makeup Brows.

Upon completion students will be qualified to sit for VA state board examination, and become Permanent Makeup Licensed. 


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2 day fundamentals course for a deep dive into classic eyelash extensions, and real world strategies on how to be a successful lash artist. 

Learn from the Highest Google Rated Lash Stylists in Virginia Beach!

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love what you do!


Rickina Velte owner of The Lash CEO has become the local leader in the most natural and beautiful looking Nano Brows & Mircroblading eyebrows in Virginia Beach, and gorgeous 'wake up in makeup' eyelash extensions since 2014. The Lash & Brow Academy is a state licensed permanent makeup tattoo school focusing on the enhancement of eyebrows and eyelashes.  Rickina has invested in her Brow Artistry career with over 19 different brow training brands around the world, while investing over $90,000 in her ongoing education.  All to serve her students and clients from a place of passion, professionalism and joy!
The mission in launching the academy in Hampton Roads, VA is to more than adequately prepare our students for the rewarding yet challenging career in the eyelash and eyebrow industry. Our academy focuses on solid fundamentals so our permanent makeup students are prepared for state licensure, while giving them the complete picture to start their own business or become a valued team member in future endeavors. 

We believe a strong, financially rewarding career doesn't have to be a traditional
2 or 4 year degree. The lash and brow niche is one of the fastest growing fields in the beauty
industry, and since COVID has proven to be recession resistant.  Creating career satisfaction and above average income, for those who strive for success.
Our passion is to enrich the community with skilled fresh
talent that can thrive and become a success story for themselves and others, without going
into straining debt, or without years and years of schooling. 

We offer payment plans for the PMU Course  and the most
inclusive high end PMU student experience in Hampton Roads.

From paying for your state board exam , student class shirt 
and a professional student kit valued at  over $900  featuring
the industry's best products and supplies, Perma Blend and Tina Davies.  

We can't wait to meet you and open up a world of success for your future!

When you're ready START HERE, or Contact Us if you have any questions we can answer!

*High end valued student experience and facility

* Passionate highly rated industry leading instructors

* Unique real world curriculum

*$900 valued Student Kit

*Ongoing support after graduation

* Payment Plan Options for Brow Licensure Classes

Why choose us?

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