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Virginia Beach Microblading Training | Lash & Brow Academy

The beauty industry is grooowing, and one of the fastest niche's is Microblading and Eyebrow enhancement. And with the uncertainty of many industry's due to Covid-19 it's been a relief to see that the beauty industry is still charging full speed ahead.

Here in Virginia Beach, we've decided to launch a beauty academy that focuses on giving our students a solid foundation in offering Microblading and Nano Shading to their brow clients. And because we're so determined to be the best Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads has to offer. We're going above and beyond for our students.

We're covering their class scrubs, their state board exam, and their student kit comes fully stocked with over $900 in the industry's best brow Microblading supplies and products. We don't believe in cheap student kit's, but introducing our students to the best right from the start.

We also are offering a curriculum unlike any other in Coastal Virginia. We're including modules that will help you understand what it takes to get new clients, and how to properly study for your state board exam. It's these little things that we hope will help students confidently choose us, and be happy with that decision for years to come.

If you're ready to jumpstart a career that weathers the economy ups and downs let's chat. You can schedule a come see, and check out our location, speak with Rickina Velte the Owner | Instructor and discuss if The Lash & Brow Academy is the best fit for you.

Ready to get started? Click HERE to start the application process.

Virginia Beach Microblading training near me
Microblading Training Virginia Beach

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